June 12, 2019

Community TV Producer Asks Mayor, Council for Support

To Mayor and Members of the Council:

I have been a show producer at Princeton Community TV since 2014. Often, this show, Despite the Challenges, has rated among the Top 10 most watched PCTV programs. This show presents local talents who, despite impeding circumstances and challenges, have achieved success and go out in the community to do good things. Although these stories hardly make it to major news media, they must be heard; not only to further empower these individuals but for the inspiration they bring to those watching.

Despite the Challenges is one among many quality shows that my colleagues at PCTV produce involving local talents. Without this platform, these inspirational stories would remain unheard. In addition to quality content production comparable to any other community access network in the state, PCTV has extended its resources as a Community Partnership Program to produce award-winning documentaries on important social issues. Needless to say, without resources available to local producers, these achievements would not be possible.

We hope that Princeton will continue to support funding for Community Television.

Ritu Chopra
Executive Director, Film Producer, Speaker