June 12, 2019

Adam Bierman Looking Forward To November General Election

To the Editor:

Congratulations to all the candidates who participated in the Princeton Council Democratic primary this June.
As an Independent Democratic candidate for Princeton Council, I look forward to the general election in November when all Princeton voters get to decide who will represent them.

We need a fresh, unaligned and not a conflicted voice concerning municipal issues. An Independent will bring competency, transparency, and the urgent need to make Princeton affordable. Competence for municipal projects, transparency for all public undertakings, and the fiscal determination to make Princeton livable for all people are my goals. Someone is needed who will question past practices that do not advance the welfare and stature of Princeton.

My priorities shall be schools, safety, taxes, and housing. Too often there is inaction by Council members. We need to send them a message in November.

Adam Bierman
Grover Avenue