May 22, 2019

Help for Variety of Troublesome Conditions from Amala Lymphatic & Massage Therapy

HEALING TOUCH: “People come in for many reasons — assorted aches and pains, including headaches and backaches, also allergies, sinus problems, female hormonal issues, etc. Seventy percent of my practice is lymphatics, and 30 percent advanced technique massage, such as shiatsu.” Licensed massage therapist Jennifer Ruiz, LMT, is the owner of Amala Lymphatic & Massage Therapy in Lawrenceville.

By Jean Stratton

The common denominator for all my clients is that they are feeling challenged somewhere in their health,” explains licensed massage therapist Jennifer Ruiz, LMT, owner of Amala Lymphatic & Massage Therapy at 134 Franklin Corner Road in Lawrenceville.

“I use massage to guide the body to a place where it can self-heal, and keep the body in a healthy state.”

A 2001 graduate of The Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in New York City and recipient of a Forbes 5-Star Award for Excellency, Ruiz uses a multidimensional approach that integrates Eastern and Western philosophy and modalities. She was first licensed in New York, and she practiced in Manhattan for 13 years.

“Each state has its own requirements,” she points out. “In New York, you must get a license, and this entails a year and a half of full-time training to get the degree, and then passing the state exam to obtain the license.

Healing Massage

“There are many kinds of massage,” she continues, “and for me and my work history, my focus has been on systemic modalities that affect the whole body as contrasted with muscular specificity.

“Although my repeat clientele were thrilled with their monthly massage as it gave them a week or two or three of relief from their chronic ailment, it left me feeling frustrated as each month we were back at square one. At this point, I realized I needed to implement more systemic forms of body work that would directly impact the root cause and healing of their condition.”

This led her to lymphatic enhancement therapy, which required more intensive training, including Level 1 and Level 2 advanced classes.

“Lymphatics is part of the circulatory system,” explains Ruiz. “It is responsible for detoxifying the body. It supports the body in eliminating toxins naturally.”

She uses two methods to help clients achieve proper functioning of the lymphatic system: manual therapy, which involves a very light and gentle pressure on specific lymph nodes to stimulate the drainage process; and the FDA-approved LymphStar Pro Fusion device, which assists in breaking down congested fluid, and accelerating fluid flow to remove toxins from the body.

According to the American Center for Biological Medicine, “LymphStar Pro is a therapeutic lymphatic drainage device that uses low energy vibration in the form of acoustic and electro static fields. Along with normal stimulation of the lymph nodes, this electrical stimulation assists lymph drainage up to eight times faster than normal lymph drainage alone.

“It can also improve circulation, promote drainage of excess fluid, and improve collagen formation.”

Natural Detoxification

As Ruiz points out, “Lymphatic enhancement therapy supports the body’s natural detoxification, elimination, and healing processes, and boosts the immune system by producing immune cells.

“One half of the process is clearing out the toxins and one half is initiating the immune system. When functioning properly, the lymphatic system naturally eliminates toxins through the skin (perspiration), bladder, and bowels.”

If not working correctly, however, it can be a factor in a number of problems, such as inflammation, migraine headaches, digestive issues, swelling, sinus irritation and allergies, increased number of colds, and fatigue.

“Stress is another important issue which can involve the lymphatic system,” says Ruiz. “The effects of stress can be a contributor to inflammation, and inflammation can be a factor in autoimmune and other illnesses. Lymphatic enhancement therapy has a direct impact on the nervous system, shifting it to a parasympathetic space where the body can heal and restore.”

Ruiz’s clients include teens and adults, and the majority are women, she reports. Many are referred to her by medical professionals, other clients, and people who have found her online and through research.

“It is amazing how many people are looking for this kind of help,” she notes. “Lymphatic therapy really works, and my practice is very individualized. Generally, it is a combination of the LymphStar Pro machine and hands-on manual treatment.”

Some of the conditions which she treats are post-
surgical swelling, lymphedema, and autoimmune illnesses.

“Regarding issues with post-surgical swelling,” she explains, “if the swelling is reduced, healing is accelerated.”

In addition, her treatments support women’s health, including breast health, fertility enhancement, and pre- and post-menopause comfort.

Patient’s Condition

She also points out to her clients that exercise and hydration are important ways to help the lymphatic system function properly.

Sessions are usually one hour, and, typically, three to six treatments will be effective to improve the patient’s condition.

“The time can vary, depending on the situation,” she explains. “Improvement can often come quickly, but other times, it can be a longer process, and I try to help clients to be patient and understand the treatment. I do my best to educate them about the process and what they can expect.

“This is still a pioneering treatment in terms of mainstream health care, and I look forward to lymphatic enhancement therapy becoming more mainstream and being accessible to more people. I am so grateful to be able to help my clients enjoy a healthier life.”

Treatment costs range from $125 for a 60-minute session to $175 for 90 minutes. Discount packages are also available for three to six treatments.

“This is an exciting time in health care, and I truly love what I do,” says Ruiz. “Each client is an individual, and I totally focus on each person. I have been a licensed therapist for 18 years, and I am always continuing to learn every day. Watching my clients improve brings such joy.”

Amala Lymphatic & Massage Therapy is open Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekends by special appointment.  (609) 955-8500. Website: