April 24, 2019

“Spring Training” Exhibit At D&R Greenway

“BOB FELLER”: This portrait by James Fiorentino is featured in “Spring Training: People, Places, Play,” a multimedia exhibit on view through June 14 at D&R Greenway Land Trust, One Preservation Place, Princeton. An opening reception is April 26, 5 to 7:30 p.m.

Linda Ruth Tosetti, granddaughter of baseball legend Babe Ruth, will make a special appearance at the opening reception of D&R Greenway Land Trust’s newest exhibition, “Spring Training: People, Places, Play.” This wide-ranging collection, on view through June 14, involves the urban, the rural, and the wild as outdoors settings for play.

An opening reception is April 26, 5 to 7:30 p.m. Sports artist and D&R Greenway trustee James Fiorentino will unveil his newest portrait, The Great Bambino, evoking Ruth. Original digital prints of this work, signed by both Tosetti and Fiorentino, may be purchased, supporting D&R Greenway’s mission. Both guests will share personal perspectives on Babe Ruth, seven-time World Series champion.

Multimedia artwork involving sailing, swimming, fishing, strolling, kayaking and beyond is being exhibited by Hana Aviv, Lisa Budd, Kate Leigh Cutler, Mike Dziomba, Bernie Hubert, Sean Kane, Jack Quinn, Laura Renner, and Ewa Zeller.

“Land is the playing field for so many of our favorite pastimes. We are particularly thrilled to have Babe Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, here to celebrate,” said D&R Greenway President and CEO Linda Mead. Mead praises this collection as “an ideal way to celebrate our 30th year anniversary of preserving New Jersey land.”

Since 1989, D&R Greenway has been “ensuring bountiful local crops, protecting streams, and increasing spaces for both sports and individual enjoyment of the outdoors,” said Mead. “Lands we preserve and steward enrich our communities in many ways — conservation, food, recreation itself. From my office, I see children playing soccer and softball in the fields of Greenway Meadows. Families in vivid gear sled our snowy hill in winter. We want this art to remind everyone that play is an important part of who we are as people on the land.”

James Fiorentino joined the D&R Greenway board after his successful exhibition of endangered wildlife art at the Johnson Education Center, which went on to a nationwide tour. Fiorentino increasingly paints endangered animals, in addition to his fame as portraitist of sports figure. “I love being able to connect with people who appreciate both the land and sports,” Fiorentino said. “Babe simply means baseball. As a Yankee fan, there is no greater legend — a great person off the field as well as on.”

“We can imagine Babe Ruth’s delight, seeing the wide variety of beautiful open places we have preserved,” says Mead. “We’re so pleased that James has made possible this vital connection among land, art, sports, and Linda Ruth Tosetti herself.”

D&R Greenway is at One Preservation Place, Princeton. To attend the opening reception, phone (609) 924-4646 or register at rsvp@drgreenway.org. For more information, visit www.drgreenway.org or call (609) 924-4646.