April 10, 2019

NJDOT Should Approve All Pedestrian Phase System for Traffic Lights on Nassau

To the Editor:

It’s very disappointing to hear that the NJDOT has not approved the all pedestrian phase system for traffic lights on Nassau Street. A casual walk along the street quickly shows how much this would contribute to pedestrian and auto safety, in contrast to the puzzling conclusion the State cited that this would “decrease the level of service for cars.”  Actually it’s quite the opposite if you’ve seen this system in action, as I do frequently in New Haven.

But I commend the Council for pursuing this and urge all members to press for an immediate and serious reconsideration of this decision in the interest of pedestrian safely and an increased “level of service for cars.”  Perhaps Princeton can then  serve as a model for other communities in New Jersey through this program.

David H. Miller, Ph.D.
Hawthorne Avenue