April 10, 2019

Longtime Family-Owned B.Q. Basement Systems Provides Responsible Waterproofing and Repair

FROM WET TO DRY: “The B.Q. Basement Systems crews work in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, and handle jobs of all sizes. The crew members featured here have 60 combined years with the company,” says B.Q. Marketing Manager Margaret McGonigle. “Also, our 15 estimators provide a thorough free inspection and estimate.”

By Jean Stratton

Is it time to dry out?

Are there lingering puddles and even wading pool-type conditions in your basement after a strong and steady rain?

Have small creatures found an inviting home in the cellar? Various insects, and even mice, who may stop by for a drink in a puddle?

That damp basement may not only invite unwelcome visitors and be un-sightly, it can cause a host of problems, including serious health issues, such as asthma and allergies. Mold on the walls and unpleasant musty odors emanating from excess humidity are just some of the challenges that exist in many basements in Princeton and the surrounding area. Since much of Princeton is located in wetland conditions, this is an ongoing problem.

And if all of this sounds familiar, you are not alone. The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates that 60 percent of U.S. homeowners have wet basements, and 38 percent run the risk of basement mold.

25 Years

B.Q. Basement Systems, located at 525 Bethlehem Pike in Erdenheim, Pa., has 25 years of experience in waterproofing, foundation and crawl space repair, and sump pump and dehumidifier installation, all focused on helping to make a wet basement dry.

Owned by Brian Quinn, the company has consistently received high praise from customers, and is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Customer Service Excellence Award from the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce; and an A-Plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. It was also recognized as a top dealer for its work with basement systems at the 2013 Basement Systems Convention.

Serving not only an extensive area of Pennsylvania, the company is also active in New Jersey, including Princeton, Hopewell, Pennington, Lawrenceville, and Trenton, as well as South Jersey. It currently has more than 3,000 Mercer County customers and more than 15,000 in the Delaware Valley, reports Marketing Manager Margaret McGonigle.

“Like many great American entrepreneurial stories, Brian Quinn’s began in 1997 with a huge risk,” she observes. “He left a steady job because he had a vision of introducing a better, more effective, longer-lasting way to fix a problem.”

Ideas and Dreams

“I started this business in the basement of my row home in Philadelphia with ideas and dreams,” recalls Brian Quinn. “It’s 25 years later, and we now have 70 employees and more than 15,000 customers!”

Adds McGonigle, “The company has grown from one crew to 15 crews, and on any given day, you may find Brian, his mother Peggy, and his son Brian working in different departments in the company.

“What began as a company that specialized in permanent basement water-proofing, which includes installing sump pumps and dehumidifiers, has grown into a company which also fixes crawl spaces and structural foundation issues. If left unfixed, wetness and humidity can lead to mold, electrical hazards, and even structural damage. Since we all breathe the air which comes from basements or crawl spaces, this can cause serious problems. Mold can lead to asthma and allergies, not to mention damage to property and invitations to insects to enter the wet environment.

“Crawl spaces tend to have high humidity and/or water issues,” she continues. “Left untreated, these problems can cause rotted floor joists and sagging beams, wet insulation, cold floors, and loss of energy. It can also result in termite, other insect, and rodent infestation, as well as structural damage.”

Depending on the size of the project, jobs typically last from a few hours to three days. One to two days is normal for basement and crawl space waterproofing and repair.

In addition to its work with wet basements, B.Q. has recently added concrete leveling to its list of services. As McGonigle explains, “This is a process we use to lift and level pool decks, sidewalks, porches, walkways, driveways, and any concrete slabs which are sinking. Most sinking concrete is due to ero-sion and poor backfill from initial construction. Average job time for concrete leveling is a few hours.”

Historic Landmark

Always focused on being a constructive part of the community, B.Q. Basement Systems is host to many organizations in its community room, she adds, and the company has been recognized for saving and restoring a historic landmark.

In 2015, Brian Quinn purchased The Wheel Pump Inn. This historic inn, built in 1735, was a landmark restaurant, later becoming a lamp store until it closed some years ago.

“Brian had this restored in 2017,” says McGonigle, “and he expanded our offices into the building last year. He prides himself on our customer experience, company culture, and community involvement.”

Looking back on his achievements, Quinn notes that it has been a learning experience. “I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, but I grew up being told that you never run away from mistakes. You fix what is wrong, learn, and move on.

“This attitude is what the company is built on. Delivering the best company experience. This means delivering great customer service, being a great company to work for, and giving back to the community. That’s how I was taught, and that’s how B.Q. runs today.”

For further information, call (800) 339-2070. Visit the website at www.bqbasementsystems.com.