March 13, 2019

Tim Quinn Will Maintain Town’s “Close Neighborhood” Vibe

To the Editor:

We live in a great town! I was born and raised here as a little lad; and I remember how well the majority of community members got along and were good neighbors. We had neighborhood block parties and socialized often by just sitting on porches and talking. Many of the children, regardless of race, economic status, or the part of town they lived in would come together to play. We grew up respecting everyone. This same sense of community that I enjoyed during my childhood is the same kind of community that Councilman Tim Quinn would welcome back with open arms.

I have served in the role of Township Committeeman and Princeton Councilman for 15 years. I know what it takes to get the job done. This is why I am supporting Councilman Tim Quinn for re-election. I have been impressed with how Tim approaches issues. Tim’s listening skills and professional demeanor have worked well with getting the town’s business done. From working on neighborhood zoning initiatives to finding safe pathways for pedestrians and bicyclists, Tim has been an advocate for maintaining the “close neighborhood” vibe of Princeton. We want to keep Princeton a welcoming and safe community. Tim’s support of the recent hiring of new police personnel just confirms his insight to keep Princeton in the forefront when it comes to maintaining quality law enforcement.

Tim’s knowledge and constant research of cost saving approaches for the town is remarkable. Tim has communicated how to share services with entities like the Princeton School System or Princeton University to help reduce spending. I support Tim because he is always thinking outside the box to make Princeton a better town. A vote for Councilman Tim Quinn is a vote for a safe, welcoming, cost efficient, and caring Princeton.

Lance Liverman
Witherspoon Street