March 6, 2019

Mia Sacks Is a Uniquely Competent And Caring Candidate for Council

To the Editor:

When people in Princeton think about Mia Sacks, these are qualities that come first to mind: leadership, ability, intellect, and compassion. The exciting news is that she wants to put all that to work for the residents of Princeton as a member of Council.  Mia is our own home-grown talent and a graduate of our public schools where her commitment to progressive politics was cultivated. That commitment is evident in her impressive professional background with several decades working for our nation’s leading social justice organizations.

On a local level, Mia has worked tirelessly and without fanfare to make our town more inclusive, more diverse, more accountable, and more progressive. The time and energy Mia has already invested in our town over the years is exceptional and we all have benefited from this involvement. Mia understands that at the core of our humanity is the dignity of the human spirit. She meets and connects with people where they are and without judgment — and helps them to a better place. It is no surprise that her decision to run for office has been met with widespread support as people in every sector of this community have direct experience with Mia’s commitment to helping us individually and collectively.

Princeton 2030 and beyond will be here soon. To successfully prepare for the future we need leaders like Mia whose vision prioritizes equity and is informed by a deeply-rooted awareness of our town’s history and its inequitable past. However, vision without the skills to ensure implementation is useless. First and foremost, Mia possesses an unrivaled understanding of the finely woven ecosystem that is our community, and has demonstrated repeatedly how organization, planning, and strategy work to bring vision to fruition. The ability to bring about consensus through personal engagement and the art of compromise are key components and part of a rare skill set that will enable Mia to help us move forward in planning our shared future with unity.

Key decisions about the next half century for Princeton will be made in the next few years. I cannot in good conscience sit on the sidelines when so much is at stake, and nor should you. We have the opportunity to support a uniquely competent and caring candidate who will lead as one of us. Please join me in supporting Mia Sacks for Princeton Council.

Leighton Newlin

Birch Avenue