March 6, 2019

Improving Health of Local Economy At the Heart of Lambros’s Platform

To the Editor:

I support Michelle Pirone Lambros for Princeton Council. She offers a range of expertise, skills, and experience that complements the current Council make-up. A diverse Council is poised to be more strategic and creative when addressing our town’s most pressing issues. Michelle knows the difference between talking about diversity, affordability, and lower taxes, and having the creative ideas to do something about them.

Her focus on the future is based on her lifelong history with Princeton. Michelle’s roots here go back a hundred years. As the daughter of Italian-American stone-carvers and gardeners, who helped build the University, she has personally felt the erosion of our working and middle class population. With a perspective sharpened in Washington, DC and worldwide, she knows how to build public/private relationships that benefit all. She will bring exceptional knowledge to the tasks at hand.

What solutions do Michelle’s competitors offer for problems of affordability, diversity, and lower taxes? Michelle brings her practical experience in finance. Michelle gets things done: working with over 40 local business owners, she is producing Princeton’s first Restaurant Week. It was her brainchild and she went out and did it.

Improving the health of our local economy is at the heart of Michelle’s platform. A vibrant downtown creates funds for affordable housing, reduces  property taxes, and provides jobs for residents.

Finally, Michelle is my friend, and she’s a gem. She genuinely gets along with everyone. She’s kind, smart, warm, and funny. In 2021, the Council will renegotiate the town’s agreement with the University. We will need a savvy negotiator who brings warmth and good will to the task. Michelle’s skill set will complement that of the current members. We need her on the Council. To learn more about Michelle, visit

Caroline Cleaves

Edgehill Street