February 20, 2019

Supporting Mia Sacks for Princeton Council, Given Her Insights About Town’s Past, Future

To the Editor:

I am delighted that Mia Sacks has decided to run for Princeton Council and offer my enthusiastic support. I have watched her deep commitment to our town’s well-being in many capacities, and her ability to approach problems with an open mind, a listening ear, and a determination to find solutions that are a win for everyone involved.

Like Mia, I grew up here and returned later with young children to avail myself and my family of Princeton’s unique opportunities. I’m impressed with Mia’s dedication to the town she loves, and appreciate that her belief in Princeton’s greatness lies not just in its past or a simple nostalgia for “the way things were,” but rather in a vision for what Princeton can be. On Council, she will ensure that our town plans for the future in a proactive and progressive way.

I believe Mia’s experience on the Planning Board, where she has served on the Master Plan Subcommittee and the Zoning Amendment Review Committee, makes her well-qualified to wrestle with the unique challenges we face as a town. Her related work on the issue of preserving neighborhood character, and earlier, the harmonizing of former borough and township ordinances into a consolidated code, has given her insight into Princeton’s past and the complex issues going forward.

Princeton, like many other towns, is confronted with challenges that include parking, mass transportation, maintaining a vibrant downtown, stewardship of parks and open space, and the control of development. I support Mia’s view that these interconnected issues are most effectively solved using an approach that prioritizes sustainability and smart growth. Mia has been passionately involved with these issues for a very long time and has demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively and collegially in finding solutions to Princeton’s municipal planning challenges.

Because of the energy, experience, and expertise she has already demonstrated in service to the town of Princeton, I am thrilled to support Mia Sacks for Princeton Council.

Margaret Griffin
Patton Avenue