February 20, 2019

Potholes on Harrison and Nassau Have Resident Asking Council to Act

To The Editor:

We residents of Princeton, New Jersey live in a community that is the seat of a world famous institution of higher learning. Faculty, students, and others from all over America and around the world come to Princeton to teach, study, learn, and accrue knowledge. There is culture in Princeton, good restaurants, a good local school district, and a safe, clean community. Our taxes are high, but living and working in Princeton is considered a privilege. And yet, every time I drive across the intersection of Harrison Street and Nassau Street, with all the potholes, ruts, ditches, my car vibrates, shakes, and veers off to the side, dangerously. With all the taxes we pay in Princeton, with all the amenities, why is there an intersection that is emblematic of a banana republic, a country that is struggling financially, culturally, a country that is unsafe and unhealthy for the citizens who live there. I implore the local government of our community to fix, pave, re-surface that intersection so that crossing Harrison and Nassau is safe and secure for all drivers and that it is emblematic of the community of which we should all be proud.

Howard W. Silbersher
Governors Lane