September 27, 2017

Former Township Committee Colleague Supports Michele Tuck-Ponder for the Board of Education

To the Editor:

I write to support the candidacy of former Township Mayor Michele Tuck-Ponder for the Princeton Board of Education.

I have known Michele for 25 years (we served together on Township Committee) and can attest to her diligence in examining issues, her genuine commitment to serving all sectors of our community, her creativity in crafting responsible and effective solutions to issues, and her proficiency in the administrative and technical skills necessary for public leadership.

Michele has an impressive record of achievement in both the public and nonprofit spheres. In addition to her service as mayor, she has been the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Delaware-Raritan, interim executive director of the YWCA of Eastern Union County, assistant counsel to Governor Jim Florio, and assistant director of the New Jersey Division on Women and the Division of Civil Rights.

Michele has a solid grasp of our significant school issues, both from her service on Township Committee and as the parent of a fifth grade student at Community Park School and a recent graduate of Princeton High School. Among her priorities are: 1) innovative measures to assure educational equity regardless of race or socio-economic status; 2) ensuring school facilities are maintaining and developed in the most cost-effective manner; 3) carefully exploring creative approaches to establishing a school budget that is appropriate but mindful of its impact on taxpayers; and 4) reviewing school disciplinary policies to ensure that they are fair, non-discriminatory, and do not unduly burden a student’s educational progress.

I urge a vote for Michele (#3 on the ballot) on Nov. 7.

Steve Frat

Lake Drive