July 5, 2017

New Nassau Street Santé Integrative Pharmacy Offers Traditional and Homeopathic Remedies

HEALTHY CHOICES: “We spent a lot of time looking for the right place, and we felt at home in Princeton. There is diversity here, and well-educated people, who are intelligent about self-care. We felt they would understand our pharmacy.” JoAnn Issenman (right), Barry Perzow (center), and Chris Castagna (left) are owners of the new Santé Integrative Pharmacy. They look forward to introducing customers to their unique integrative concept.

The new Santé Integrative Pharmacy at 200 Nassau Street has created a stir of interest among increasing numbers of curious customers. While many people are familiar with the integrative concept, it is a new idea for many others.

“The idea of an integrative pharmacy began about 10 years ago,” explains JoAnn Issenman, owner with Barry Perzow and pharmacist Chris Castagna. “It offers choices of different modalities, including traditional, homeopathic, and herbal solutions. We are a full-service prescription and compounding pharmacy, offering traditional and natural healthy living solutions.”

Opened in May at the former location of the Morris Maple paint store, this unique pharmacy also features a staff of experts in varied fields, points out Ms. Issenman. “We have herbalists, wellness experts, nutritionists, naturopaths, homeopaths, and skincare specialists all working together to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is very unusual to have a staff who are experts in so many different fields.

“We also offer carefully-edited skincare, herbal, homeopathic formulas, vitamins, supplements, natural foods, and products for the home that are perfect for today’s proactive healthcare consumer.”

Drug Interaction

A New Jersey native, Ms. Issenman adds that she and Mr. Perzow also have long-time previous experience in the natural food industry and integrative pharmacies in Colorado and Vancouver, Canada.

In addition to Santé, pharmacist Chris Castagna owns the Pennington Apothecary in Pennington and the Quakerbridge Pharmacy in Hamilton, both traditional pharmacies. “I can advise people on medicines and the interaction of drugs and also medication and supplement interaction,” he explains. “We are also fully contracted with Medicare Part D and the insurance companies. Clients’ co-pays will be the same.

“We differentiate ourselves with the selection of products and our staff. We have a great group of professionals, and we look forward to a lot of years here. Come and see what we have to offer.”

The wide range of products at Santé includes traditional choices as well as a large selection of natural items. The conveniently arranged categories include pharmacy, compounding, otc, wellness area, health and skincare, natural vitamins, mom and baby, skincare and cosmetics, health, food and beverages, aroma therapy, nailcare, suncare, and so on.

Chemical- and Cruelty-Free

The natural products offered are chemical- and cruelty-free, reports Ms. Issenman. Also available is a selection of detox cleanses, probiotics, protein food products, and such items as yoga mats, non-toxic chemical-free household detergents, herbal teas, soap, organic cotton products, assorted nutritional supplements, energy drinks, etc. The Beauty Bar section offers various moisturizers, chemical- and cruelty-free cosmetics, including the very popular Dr. Hauschka line.

“We also offer CBD, a non-toxic cannabinoid product from hemp,” notes Ms. Issenman. “It is available in topical and oral forms, and can be a helpful remedy for arthritis and other conditions, including digestive problems.”

Ms. Issenman is very pleased about the enthusiastic response of Princeton residents to Santé. “Princeton feels exactly right. It feels like home, and we are very happy to be here. Santé means health in French, and we have heard that there are 800 French-speaking families in Princeton. Also, the integrative concept is well-known in Europe, and there are a lot of Europeans in Princeton. It’s a very international community. Interestingly, in both Europe and America, the pharmacist is the most trusted professional.”

Ms. Issenman and the other owners are proud to bring their unique concept to Princeton, and look forward to introducing their wide range of products and pharmacy service to many more people.

Wellness Events

“I enjoy everyone we meet, and I am thrilled with the exceptionally warm welcome we have received. The customers, our outstanding staff, the other merchants, our neighbors — they are all wonderful. We look forward to being part of the community, and we plan to organize a series of events focused on wellness, including well baby, beauty, and more.

“We will also have a bulletin board available for people to put up announcements for the wellness events. Please come to see us!”

Santé Integrative Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (609) 921-8820 (store); (609) 921-8822 (pharmacy).