April 19, 2017

HomeFront’s ArtJam Opens May 19

ARTJAM 2017: ArtSpace, the art therapy program at HomeFront, is welcoming sponsors for this year’s ArtJam. Opening in May, the art show and sale brings together established artists and HomeFront client-artists to celebrate community, creativity, and the love of art. Pictured here is a piece by one of the HomeFront artists titled, “Mountains.”

HomeFront’s ArtJam, a fun and funky pop-up art gallery, will open Friday, May 19 at 19 Hulfish Street, Princeton and run for three weeks. The 7th annual event brings together professional artists and HomeFront client-artists in a celebration of creativity. It will feature a rotating collection of art for sale and meet-and-greets with the artists. 

“The event is inspiring, challenging, provocative, and entertaining,” says Ruthann Traylor, HomeFront’s ArtSpace director. “It’s about using the creative process as a tool to heal and using its power to break down barriers to celebrate the human spirit. The mix of artists in this visually stimulating show is as eclectic as the art — and each piece has a story.”

Last year the event attracted several thousand people. “It’s gratifying that so many people come together to support ArtSpace and our clients,” says Ms. Traylor. “The proceeds help pay for the tools to create the art. The tools are, in fact, a luxury. Simply being able to buy supplies is a challenge both for clients and for program.”

ArtSpace encourages creativity and self-expression in a safe and nurturing environment. Many HomeFront clients have found a sense of purpose, renewal, and confidence through our ArtSpace programs, which allows them to discover their talents. “This exhibit is where their creativity is on display and they take pride in what they have accomplished,” Ms. Traylor continues.

HomeFront clients speak highly of the program. One client, Sharon A., came to HomeFront to rebuild her life after suffering four aneurysms which left her anxious and unsure about her future. She had always been creative, and loved to paint, but she was reluctant to apply her talents until she went to ArtSpace. “I am excited that I can paint again — I didn’t think I’d be able to,” she says. “Now my confidence is back. I don’t feel like I have limits any more.”

Sharon’s work will be part of this year’s event along with a number of HomeFront’s talented clients.

Curated by Ms. Traylor and her volunteers, the art runs the gamut of media. It includes paintings, photography, glass, sculpture, and jewelry. Also, included in ArtJam this year are products created at SewingSpace, a branch of HomeFront’s ArtSpace program teaching HomeFront clients how to sew and focuses on fostering entrepreneurial skills.

Says one HomeFront volunteer, Susan Ashmore, “The art is just incredible because it’s filtered through imagination and life experience. There’s a lot of exuberance and energy.”

Much-needed sponsorships for ArtJam are welcome. For information on sponsorship opportunities or other ways to be a part of the ArtJam experience, contact Ruthann Traylor at (609) 883-7500 or via email at: ruthannt@homefrontnj.org. or visit www.homefrontnj.org.

An opening public reception is set for Friday, May 19 from 6-9 p.m. All artwork will be for sale, and proceeds from this exhibit will benefit HomeFront’s ArtSpace and SewingSpace programs. The reception and show are free and open to the public.