December 28, 2016

Recognizing Help and Professionalism Of Princeton Zoning, Building Departments

To the Editor:

I recently completed an attic renovation. A challenging “do it yourself” project that was a lot of fun and a pleasure to do.

I want to recognize the help and professionalism from the Princeton Zoning and Building Departments. They were helpful from beginning to end; the initial permits, pre-inspection, rough-in inspections, and the final inspection.

John Pettenati handled the construction inspections. He was very informative and gave valuable insights on “roughing in” the attic and many, many how-to suggestions.

Joe Matticoli did the electrical inspections. Both he and the building office were also very helpful on questions concerning wiring and electrical connections.

Both departments showed up precisely at the appointment time, and answered all my questions. The behind-the-counter staff was helpful and informative.

The Princeton Building Department deserves high marks!!

And we had an issue with trees in my neighborhood. I contacted the Princeton Arborist, Lorraine Konopka. She was also very professional, visited the trees and area in question, and got back to me a day later (!) with answers to my questions.

Great job Princeton Government!

Robert C. Frantzen

Lambert Drive