November 9, 2016

Post-Election Recognition for Mayor’s Leadership, Support of Princeton’s Youth

To the Editor

As generational residents of Princeton, we remember hearing our parents debate whether the two former Princetons could ever become one Princeton. Although our parents and grandparents did not live to see the merger, we are proud that we have experienced its success, which we attribute in large part to Mayor Liz Lempert’s diligent and even-handed guidance.

Mayor Lempert also has impacted our lives in other ways. In our capacity as presidents of Committed and Faithful Princetonians (CFP), a YMCA-based group committed to preparing youth for a life of high achievement, Mayor Lempert encouraged us to have CFP children participate in various issues important to the community, such as providing their input about changes to Mary Moss Park in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood. Mayor Lempert also has supported other efforts, such as CFP’s community service project for landscaping at Redding Circle, commending the youth group on their hard work.

In general, Mayor Lempert has been great for the youth of Princeton. She has established a Youth Advisory Committee so that our leaders and officials can see our community through the eyes of our youth and respond to their input. Our mayor is not just a mayor but a friend to the community.

Larry and Fern Spruill

Oak Lane Princeton