July 20, 2016

D&R Greenway Exhibits Species-Specific Bird Art

Art Birds of a Feather 7-20-16

“BLUE JAY” BY MICHAEL YANG: Johnson Park Elementary School artists created scratch-art images of local birds for the “Birds of a Feather” exhibit that are on display at the D&R Greenway Land Trust’s Olivia Rainbow Gallery until July 29.

Through July 29, D&R Greenway Land Trust’s Olivia Rainbow Gallery exhibits Birds of a Feather, scratch-art images of local birds by Johnson Park Elementary School fourth graders. Art teacher Linda Gates inspired this celebration of predominantly New Jersey natives. She coached her students with such precision that guests can easily identify each species. Created by inscribing the intricate designs through a dark waxen surface, their precise process reveals glimmering backgrounds of gold, silver, or copper. These various metals confer the impact of etchings.

The Olivia Rainbow Gallery was founded and funded by Chris and Leslie Kuenne in memory of their five-year-old daughter. Olivia cherished nature, evoking it in remarkable artworks from a very young age. Her Gallery’s student art exhibitions continually honor Olivia’s talents and spirit.

D&R Greenway is at One Preservation Place, off Rosedale Road, south of Princeton. The art is open to view from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Fridays, excluding holidays. (609) 924-4646. www.drgreenway.org.