May 11, 2016

Jenny Crumiller a Strong Advocate for Requiring Paid Time Off for Employees Who Are Unwell

To the Editor:

I encourage voters to reelect Jenny Crumiller to Princeton Council. Jenny is an intelligent, kind person, who works hard and listens to all sides respectfully. I support her stands on many issues, but as a doctor who practiced for many years first as an internist, and later as a pathologist, I am particularly pleased that Jenny has been a strong advocate for an ordinance to require Princeton’s employers to provide paid time off for employees who are unwell or whose children are unwell. This makes sense both for the wellbeing of both employees and also for general public. Such a measure will decrease the spread of communicable diseases by keeping adults and children home instead of in the workplace or in schools.

I hope readers will vote for Jenny so she can continue good work on Council.

Lilia Belov, MD

Monroe Lane