May 5, 2016

Hoping Others Will Agree That Adding A Dog Park Would Benefit the Community

To the Editor:

Princeton is a wonderful town and we are all lucky to live here. I’d like to suggest an addition that I feel could benefit the community — a dog park. Many other communities have this resource but the closest entail (no pun intended) a 15-20 minute ride from here.

The benefits are many. Besides offering dogs a place to exercise and socialize, an additional gain is the sense of community that a dog park fosters. I strongly feel that this would be a positive feature for Princeton to offer. Neither a fenced yard, nor a 3-hour walk offers the benefits of a dog park.

I’m hoping that by writing this letter, others who are interested may jump on the bandwagon. The Princeton Recreation Department is the office that handles local park offerings. Please speak up if you also may be interested in Princeton opening a dog park.

The concentration of resources in local parks seems primarily devoted to athletic fields. No question, this is important. However there are other uses of open space that could also greatly benefit our community.

Patty Koch

Florence Lane