April 13, 2016

Wilson’s Egregious Actions, Not His Views, Were What Provoked the BJL Campus Protest

To the Editor:

Your article [Wilson’s Name to Remain on University Buildings,” page one, April 6] on the decision to leave Woodrow Wilson’s name on two campus buildings begins by stating that Princeton University made this choice “despite a recent outcry over his views on race.”

The protest by students of the Black Justice League and the attendant national outcry for the removal of Wilson’s name on a school of public policy was not motivated by Wilson’s “views” on race but by his egregious actions, both as Princeton’s president and, more terribly, as president of the United States.

At Princeton, Wilson adamantly denied African-American men admission to the University. As president, he packed his cabinet with like-minded racists. Together, they methodically dismantled nearly 60 years of progressive policies enacted since Reconstruction. Wilson ended integration throughout all federal government agencies; his bigoted minions purged and demoted thousands of African-American federal employees.

To say it’s all about Wilson’s “views” trivializes the issue: Wilson’s deeds were retrograde and reprehensible by the standards of his era, never mind ours.

Patrick Walsh

Maybury Hill Road