April 6, 2016

Anne Neumann Offers Fresh Ideas And a Unique Voice for Positive Change

To the Editor:

When Anne Neumann asked for my support in her bid to join Princeton’s municipal leadership team I said yes without hesitation. First of all, she is her own person, with her own perspective shaped by years of varying experiences in public service.

One of her most endearing attributes is that she supports affordable housing because she understands the importance and historical significance of cultural diversity in our town. She is for a “Princeton preference” offering affordable housing to Princeton residents where possible and an advocate for having older residents age in place. She understands the need for fiscal responsibility to ensure that municipal services are supplied in a cost effective manner.

Anne exhibits clear thinking when arguing that both the University and the town rely heavily on each other and that the relationship between the two entities should be fair and equitable. To that end she favors an increase in Payment in Lieu of Taxes along with a predictable formula for growth by making a correlation between the University’s annual income and the fairly assessed value of its real property. Whenever I have heard Anne speak in public forums she had always stood up and solidly represented social justice issues while advocating for the whole of Princeton. She supports paid sick leave for full/part time workers, and a hire-local program.

Anne can be trusted to keep her word and has the unique ability to think outside the box when solving problems. She is an active listener, perhaps the most important characteristic of effective leadership.

Lastly, she is running for council because she genuinely cares about our town, and wants to make it better and more livable for all its residents. She is deserving of both your confidence and your vote.

Leighton Newlin

Birch Avenue