August 4, 2015

Town Cracks Down on Tour Bus Violations

shutterstock_199019246Princeton police are making an effort to enforce new regulations regarding buses that bring tourists to town.

In a statement issued Monday, the department said that “Many in our community have observed an increased presence of passenger motor coaches visiting our downtown area in recent months.  While Princeton welcomes all visitors to enjoy our scenic community, the manner of loading and unloading of passengers by a number of these motor coaches has created a serious concern for public safety.  In order to address this issue, Princeton has designated loading, unloading, and parking locations for these vehicles.”

Princeton Council voted in June to have buses park on Alexander Street across from the Princeton train station parking area while their passengers are visiting the town. Passengers are discharged and then picked up at existing NJ Transit bus stops on Nassau Street.

But not all drivers are observing the new rules. Residents have reported seeing the buses parked on Boudinot Street and Library Place while waiting to pick up their passengers.

“The increased traffic from the motor coaches creates hazards for pedestrian and motorists,” the police statement reads. “Consequently, our parking enforcement officers have increased their vigilance to eliminate these hazards through increased enforcement of parking and traffic regulations.”

The police department wants residents to report any tour buses they see that are parked anywhere other than in the designated area on Alexander Street. “Our downtown area and town universities have long been an attraction for visitors.  We ask our motoring public to remain vigilant for pedestrians and other motorists when traversing our streets and roadways,” the statement reads. The department can be reached at (609) 921-2100.