February 25, 2015

Princeton Council Tables Vote on Bike Lanes

After nearly three hours of public testimony from people in favor of a proposal to eliminate parking and create bike lanes on Hamilton Avenue and those opposed, Princeton Council voted to table the ordinance until a master plan on biking is created by the town.

Following a discussion, Council members were unanimous in their vote to put aside the ordinance, which was introduced last month. Parking on the south side of Hamilton Avenue will remain in place, while a bike lane will be added on the other side of the roadway.

The section of Hamilton runs between Harrison Street and Snowden Lane. Sharrows could be added to the north side of the street. Council can still add another bike lane and remove the parking in the future.

Several residents of Hamilton Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood have complained that they weren’t given adequate notice of the proposed ordinance, and some claimed that taking away on-street parking would create a hardship for them. Advocates of bicycling and sustainability, which is in Princeton’s master plan, claimed that the ordinance would serve the greater good and make Princeton more bike-friendly.