November 19, 2014

No Information On Suspects In University Vandalism Incidents

Two incidents involving the defacing of property on the Princeton University campus last week are still under investigation. The first, graffiti of the words “Rape Haven” on the stone wall outside the Tiger Inn eating club on Prospect Street, is probably unrelated to the second — the spray-painting in red of the letters “FU PU” on the statue of the Princeton University tiger statue between Clio and Whig halls, according to University spokesman Martin Mbugua.

The Tiger Inn incident follows a sexually explicit photo of a student that was alleged to have been shared electronically. Because the University’s eating clubs are private, they fall under the jurisdiction of local police instead of campus public safety. As of early this week, nothing had been reported to Princeton police.

“It’s a sensitive issue, because the victim has to come forward and report it and they have not,” said Sergeant Steven Riccitello, spokesman for the Princeton Police Department. “Without that, we can’t do an investigation. So we haven’t gotten involved.”

The graffiti on the Tiger Inn walls was done sometime between late Tuesday, November 11 and early Wednesday, November 12, and was immediately removed.

The red painted letters on the tiger statue between Clio and Whig halls was noticed about 4:45 a.m. last Thursday, November 13 by a University public safety officer. The paint was quickly removed. Responsibility for the incident has yet to be determined.