October 29, 2014

1100 Runners Expected For Hi-TOPS Race Nov. 2

On November 2, starting at 7 a.m. on Paul Robeson Place near Chambers Street (Start/Finish line), Hi-TOPS of Princeton will be sponsoring a half marathon race with over 1100 runners expected. During the event, streets along the race route will be intermittently closed and vehicular traffic will be diverted. Motorists are encouraged to avoid the area during the race, which should be completed by 10:30 a.m.

The race route will be as follows:

• west on Paul Robeson Place (from Chambers Street) to west on Hodge Road;

• south on Library Place to west on Mercer Street, then south into Princeton Battle Park and Institute of Advanced Study;

• north on Olden Lane to east on Battle Road;

• south on Springdale Road to east on West Drive (Princeton University);

• north on Alexander Road to east on Faculty Road;

• north on Washington Road to north on Vandeventer Avenue;

• east on Wiggins Street to east on Hamilton Avenue;

• north on Walnut Lane to east on Franklin Avenue;

• south on Linden Lane to east on Hamilton Avenue;

• east on Rollingmead to north on Deer Path;

• north on Clover Lane to west on Overbrook Drive;

• north on Snowden Lane to north on Herrontown Road;

• north on Bunn Drive to Poor Farm Road;

• south on Mount Lucas Road to south on Jefferson Road;

• west on Wiggins Street to west on Paul Robeson Place;

• to the finish line at Chambers Street.