October 15, 2014

Group Is Determined to Delay, Disregard Planning Board’s Decision on Institute Plan

To The Editor:

Last month I attended the meeting of the Princeton Planning Board where the Institute for Advanced Study’s plan for new faculty housing was once again on the agenda. What should have been a half-hour discussion of issues largely resolved was stretched into a three-and-one-half hour ordeal by a small group determined to disregard the Planning Board’s own decisions and throw sand into the gears of municipal decision-making.

The Planning Board is scheduled to once again take up the Institute’s request at its meeting on October 16. The opposition is expected to continue to raise objections designed only to delay this project. It is time to let the Institute return its resources and energy to the core mission of curiosity-driven research that benefits our community and everyone who lives on our planet.

Landon Jones
Hibben Road