October 15, 2014

Board of Ed Speaks of “Middle Ground” But Has Not Moved Toward Any “Middle”

To the Editor:

The tone of the most recent letter from three members of the Board of Education of Princeton Public Schools (PPS) is quite ironic. They seem to accuse the Princeton Regional Education Association (PREA) of not moving in negotiations. Anyone who was at the presentation on the status of negotiations during the most recent Board meeting, however, heard it clearly stated by the Board that PREA’s proposals have changed, while the Board’s position has not changed. At the meeting, the Board spoke of “middle ground” but has not moved toward any middle. The letter writers from the Board used the word “demands” when characterizing the PREA’s proposals. They are proposals, not demands, and that is how negotiations work. The Board is the side that seems to be demanding.

The Board letter-writers made other statements about the specifics of negotiations that seem to me, as a former Board member, to be well beyond what should be presented in such a forum and are also not accurate. To see some of the inaccuracies please look at the “Negotiations Fact Check” posted on “A Sea of Blue — Princeton Educators” Facebook page at www.facebook.com/princetonteaches.

The Board letter-writers have also not made clear whether they are writing for themselves or for the Board as a whole. I am a teacher in PPS and a member of the PREA, but these comments are mine alone.

Steven Carson
South Harrison Street