July 2, 2014

Question of the Week: What are your plans for the 4th of July? (Asked at the Historical Society of Princeton’s baseball game at Greenway Meadows Park)

TT Merlene John Tucker

“We’re going down to Maryland’s Eastern shore, specifically to Kent Island to visit our daughter and grandson. Other plans are to have crabs and beer.”

—John and Merlene Tucker, Princeton

TT Eve Carter Mandel
“We’re going to a pool party. It will be exciting to bring Carter into the pool for the first time.”—Eve Mandel, who works at the Historical Society of Princeton, with son Carter, Yardley, Pa.

TT Kate Michael Sanjek
“Our plan for the 4th of July holiday is to stay local, see some fireworks and maybe spend some time at our swim club.”—Michael Sanjek with daughter Kate, Lawrenceville

TT John Illeneye
“I’ll be working at the Bronx Zoo, that’s my 4th of July, not a holiday.”—John Illeneye, Passaic

TT Danny Shaw
“I am going to a college friend’s house for a barbecue.”—Danny Shaw, Flemington
TT Roy Carman
“Going to visit family in Virginia for the 4th of July.”—Roy Carman, Princeton