June 11, 2014

Question of the Week: “What are you doing for your father this Father’s Day?”

TT Ella Jones

“We’re planning to give him swim lessons and new flip flops, he needs new ones.” —  Ella Jones, Princeton

TT Joe Vasquez Zack DiGregorio
Joe: “We’re going to play a round of golf at our country club.”

Zack: “I think we’re going to get him the NFL network on our TV.”

—  Joe Vasquez (left) and Zack DiGregorio, Princeton

 TT Sofia Blackwelder Olivia Clark Dalton Sekelsky

Sofia:”My dad lives in Brooklyn. I’m planning to spend the whole weekend with him and go to his favorite place to eat. I’m going to write him a really heartfelt letter because I know he appreciates that more than a gift.”

Olivia: “My dad lives in Spring Lake, I don’t see him that much. I will probably go see him for the day, have lunch and then come home.”

Dalton: “I’ll probably get him some golf stuff.”

— Sofia Blackwelder (left to right), Olivia Clark and Dalton Sekelsky, Princeton 

TT Niklas Wegmann Pavel Zhelnin

Niklas: “We usually get him chocolate because he likes chocolate a lot.”

Pavel: “We usually go to some fancy restaurant and treat him to something nice.”

— Niklas Wegmann (left) and Pavel Zhelnin, Princeton 

TT Ursula Blanchard Helena Haddad
Ursula: “I’m going to make him pancakes and see if I can make them look like a sword because he fences. If they come out wrong, I’m going to say I didn’t mean to do that.”

Helena: “I am planning to make him a nice card.”

— Ursula Blanchard (left) and Helena Haddad, Princeton