April 30, 2014

Question of the Week: “What are your favorite things about Communiversity?”

TT Charlie Sproul Henry Sheeran 4-30-14

Charlie: “The sense of togetherness that it brings in the community and how it brings everyone out on the same day and everyone really meshes well. Everyone gets to see what everyone is about and it’s really cool.”

Henry: “I really love the aliveness and energy of it all, the kettle corn and the random people who are dancing and don’t really know how to dance.”

—Charlie Sproul, Pennington (left)  and Henry Sheeran, Princeton

TT Marlyn Zucosky Jamie O'Donohue 4-30-14

Marlyn: “Supporting the Arts Council and the mission of supporting community through the arts.”

Jamie: “The diversity of people that it attracts.”

—Marlyn Zucosky (left) Princeton  and Jamie O’Donohue, Hillsborough

TT CeCe Gibb Emma Reeves 4-30-12

CeCe: “Dancing, music, candy and food.”

Emma: “Cotton candy, face painting, and the bouncy Tiger.”

—CeCe Gibb (left) and Emma Reeves, Princeton

 TT Kevin Mizes Alec Payne 4-30-14

Kevin: “It’s a nice break from school to come out here and not have to work. It’s a nice spring carnival.”

Alec: “Marching around with the band and fried oreos.”

—Kevin Mizes (left) and Alec Payne,  Princeton University students

TT Alex Moise Michael Helper 4-30-14

Alex: “It’s a great opportunity for vendors to come out and for everyone to congregate.”

Michael: “It’s nice to get the community together. It’s great to get families out and see what the community has to offer. I’ve been coming to Communiversity for years.”

—Alex Moise (left), Burlington (formerly of Princeton)  and Michael Helper, Princeton

TT Rose Riccobono Suzanne Ives Cunningham 4-30-14

Rose: “Fried food, walking through the streets, and getting past the panic of seeing the sea of people.”

Suzanne: “Seeing all of our friends as adults working at Communiversity, having gone through it together as children. And listening to the great music.”

—Rose Riccobono (left) and  Suzanne Ives Cunningham, Princeton