October 2, 2013

New Dinky Location A Very Long Walk If One is Pulling or Carrying Luggage

To the Editor:

I write today because I am so deeply disturbed by the arrogant attitude of Princeton University toward the town and community of Princeton.

The Dinky station has now been moved almost to College Road. The new location is a very long walk from the center of town, particularly if one is pulling or carrying luggage. Princeton was truly blessed with convenient rail connection to the main line. Most communities would value this connection as does the town of Princeton. However, the University seems to feel that just because it has the financial resources, it should be allowed to do exactly what it pleases without regard to anyone else, even if it includes truncating this resource.

The historic gateway to Princeton, which combined residential buildings, offices and retail, has been destroyed. What was good enough for Scott Fitzgerald, John Kennedy, Bill Bradley, and Brooke Shields will now become some sort of generic conglomeration.

I ask again what part of overpass and underpass does the University not understand? If the new, improved Arts Center must go in this location, why not have some consideration for the community?

Ruth Sayer

Library Place