September 4, 2013

University’s Hubris in Dinky Power Struggle Reveals Its Disregard for Community Welfare

To the Editor:

I don’t understand where the upside potential is for the litigation engaged in by Save the Dinky [“Citizen Group Still Fighting Dinky Move,” Town Topics, August 28). Without a court injunction against further demolition of the Dinky facilities, the situation is hopeless.

If Save the Dinky loses the suits, they’ll have to lick their wounds. If they win, there isn’t much to gain. The University will appeal, and take it to the N.J. Supreme Court if they lose the appeal. If the Supreme Court rules against the University, it will be years from now. The Arts Center will be complete and the old Dinky easement will be a vague memory. All that Save the Dinky could possibly expect is a fine for the University and the remote possibility of reimbursement for their legal expenses.

This is not to say that anyone should endorse the University’s flawed plan. It is reviled by many, including senior members of the University’s own Department of Architecture. It all boils down to a power struggle. The hubris shown by the University in the face of the lawsuits against it demonstrates that the University shouldn’t be exempted from local zoning laws despite the fact that zoning is not the issue here. Community welfare, parking, and traffic circulation are crying out for more enlightened plans, which the University refused to give the slightest consideration.

Alfred W. D’Alessio

Northeastern Communications Concepts, Inc.

Benford Drive