August 14, 2013

All Parties Continue Their Lip Service To Valley Road and Nothing Gets Done

To the Editor:

Since 2007 the Princeton School Board has been trying figure out what to do with Valley Road School on Witherspoon Street. And the town’s plans for the building have come and gone. In the meantime neither party has maintained the building and its condition has deteriorated: sad fate for a once proud building. All parties continue their lip service to the building, and nothing gets done.

VRS-ARC has developed a plan that would give new life to the building without impacting the town’s or the school district’s finances. As if pre-determined, the plan has been rejected by the School Board, which cited what can be seen as easily overcome issues with the plan.

VRS-ARC decided to take its case to the public and has won incredible support to put the building’s fate in the hands of the voters. Everyone but the public has been considered regarding this resource. Isn’t it about time that Council and the Board let the voters weigh in? The Council has the power to do the public’s will and is hesitating. After all the issue is now about democracy, not just a building.

Mary Clurman

Harris Road