June 26, 2013

Question of the Week: What do you think about bears taking up residence in Princeton? (The Rounds family’s house was where one of the bears was “caught napping”)

TT Steve Rounds

“It was quite a surprise when I was sitting here washing dishes and a bear walks through our yard. Mark Johnson of Animal Control thinks it was a young male looking for territory. Also, we have a cottage in New Hampshire and we see bears fairly frequently up there, so the girls were not totally surprised. While we were on a trout fishing trip up on the streams, a bear came and took our backpacks away right next to us.” —Steve Rounds, Princeton

TT Emily & Allie Rounds

Emily: “It’s crazy. I think it’s awesome. I never really imagined a bear coming to Princeton. And they started last year, and I think it’s really cool.”

Allie: “Well, I was pretty scared about it at first, but then I got used to it. He was a very peaceful bear. They posted a sign over by the river where it went to get a drink.”

—Emily and Allie Rounds, Princeton

 TT Eva & Matthew Tramontana with Madeline and Mason

Eva: “I don’t know what I think. I just hope they don’t come into my house.”

Matthew: “Yep, that’s pretty much how I feel.”

—Eva and Matthew Tramontana, with Madeline and Mason, Hopewell, New Jersey

TT Carol Rosenthal

“I don’t leave my screen doors open anymore.”

—Carol Rosenthal, Princeton

 TT Tom Heebink

“Who needs the zoo when you can come to the Rounds’ house!” —Tom Heebink, Belle Meade, New Jersey