April 4, 2012

“What are your favorite Easter or Passover foods?”

Dan: “Matzo Ball Soup.”
Bryan: “Easter Bunny Chocolate.”
—Dan Gorman (left) and Bryan Hill, Princeton

“Ham, sweet potato casserole, pineapple swing bread, and hard boiled eggs.”
—Ellen and Scott Brown, Hamilton

Michael: “Lamb and roast potatoes.”
Kalina: “Eggs.”
—Michael Feeney and Kalina Misiolek, Princeton

Mihai: “Eggs.”
Ana: “Lamb.” —Mihai and Ana Tudor, California
(visiting relatives in Princeton)

“Lamb Soup.” —Alexandru Oancea, Princeton

Margaret: “Winterberry pie. My mother makes it every year for Easter.”
Ellen: “Lindt chocolate bunnies.”
—Ellen Whiteside (left) and Margaret Evered, Princeton