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Question of the Week:

“What are your thoughts about consolidating Princeton Borough and Princeton Township?”


“I am not in favor of consolidating the Borough and Township because I feel that it would dilute the resources. I like the small town feel of the Borough, particularly the police force, which I prefer to be separate.”

Harini Subrahmanyam, Murray Place

“I think that it would be a terrific idea. It would save a lot of money and produce efficiencies and better services.”

Victoria Airgood, Jefferson Street

“Consolidation makes a great deal of sense. The key is to come up with neighborhood district plans and to make sure that as we consolidate, each resident’s interests are represented in a way that each of us wishes. In the meantime, consolidating the police dispatch system and the police forces seems to me to be a very good idea.”

Sheldon Sturges, Cameron Court


“It has come to the point where it is time to do it. Unfortunately, both municipalities needed to renovate their buildings and the act of doing that kind of sealed in the separation. However, this is not a roadblock and we would have to work out a solution. There has been an ongoing feeling that both were so busy with all of their own issues, why merge, but the time has come. The state is encouraging it and we could set a good example by merging.”

Arch Davis, Vandeventer Ave

“At one time I was not in favor of consolidation but I think that when we talk about enjoying open space, which is mostly in the Township, and when they talk about enjoying downtown Princeton, which is mostly in the Borough, and since we share those common entities, consolidation becomes a good idea.”

Shirley Satterfield, Quarry Street


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