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DELICIOUS DINING: “In Italian, ‘Bellisimo’ means beautiful or delicious, which is how we describe our food.” Al Ince, co-owner of Bellisimo Ristorante in Hillsborough, is shown with his signature cannoli specialty, which definitely is “bellisimo!”

Fine Northern Italian Cuisine Highlights Bellisimo Ristorante

Customers are lining up for the delicious dishes at Bellisimo Ristorante in Hillsborough. Located in the Kings Bridge Center at 378 South Branch Road, it specializes in Northern Italian cuisine.

Owners Al Ince and Gultekim Saglik (Sal) formerly worked on the Celebrity Cruise Lines before opening Bellisimo last July.

“It was a unique experience working on a cruise line,” explains Al, who is also Bellisimo’s chef. “You have to go to culinary school for years to get the experience I had on the ship. You work with lots of different cuisines and chefs, and get wonderful experience. Italian is my favorite cuisine.”

SAFE AND SOUND: “We are the first private safe deposit box company in New Jersey,” says Jim Medalia, president and CEO of Charter Private Safe Deposit Box Company. “We focus on serving our customers with the best security available.”

Charter Private Safe Deposit Company Is First Firm to Open in New Jersey

Two years ago, businessman Jim Medalia had to wait at the bank to get into his safe deposit box. Then he had to wait again to return it to the vault. While he waited, he was in an open area, with a lot of people coming and going. He decided there could be a better way.

After extensive research and planning, he opened Charter Private Safe Deposit Company April 2, the first facility of its kind operating in New Jersey under charter from the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.