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Kam's Kapsules by Kam Williams

Beauty Shop (PG-13 for frank sex chat, drug use, and profanity). Queen Latifah reprises the role of Gina in this spin-off of Barbershop 2. Now, the sassy, opinionated hairdresser has relocated from Chicago to Atlanta where she opens her own salon which is soon filled with colorful patrons and employees who are also inclined to speak their minds. Cast includes Djimon Hounsou, Kevin Bacon, Ice Cube, Andie MacDowell, Alicia Silverstone and Della Reese.

Be Cool (PG-13 for sex, expletives, sensuality and violence). Adapted from the Elmore Leonard novel of the same name, John Travolta, Harvey Keitel, and Danny DeVito reprise their roles in this sequel to Get Shorty. The cast features Cedric the Entertainer, Uma Thurman, Vince Vaughn, Steven Tyler, Christina Milian, and The Rock in a crime comedy about the efforts of a strong-armed debt collector to romance a music industry heiress.

Born into Brothels (Unrated). Oscar-winning documentary examines the grim prospects of the children of Calcutta's prostitutes, social pariahs condemned from birth by India's caste system. Filmmakers become personally involved during the course of the shoot, going to unusual lengths to extricate the kids from their dire straits.

Bride and Prejudice (PG-13 for sexual references). Bollywood meets Hollywood in this musical version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Here, it's Mrs. Bakshi (Nadira Babbar) who's the meddling mother intent on finding appropriate suitors like the well-heeled Will Darcy (Martin Henderson) for her four beautiful daughters. In English, Hindi, and Punjabi with subtitles.

The Chorus (PG-13 for sex, expletives, and violence). Uplifting melodrama, set at a French boarding school in 1948, chronicles the efforts of a devoted music teacher (Gerard Jugnot) to rehabilitate his juvenile delinquent students by inspiring them to appreciate the transformational power of song. In French with subtitles.

Downfall: (Unrated). Set in 1945, this World War II drama humanizes Hitler to present a sympathetic portrait of the Führer and his Nazi minions as the Allies closed in during the Third Reich's final days. In German and Russian with subtitles.

Guess Who (PG-13 for sex-related humor). Bernie Mac stars in this role-reversed, romantic comedy remake of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner as an overprotective father upset when his daughter (Zoe Saldana) brings home her white fiance (Ashton Kutcher) for the first time.

Hostage (R for profanity, drug use, and violence). Bruce Willis stars in this gritty crime thriller as a burnt out suburban police chief who has to handle the hostage negotiations for a carjacking turned kidnapping which comes to involve his wife and daughter. Sixteen-year-old Rumer Willis co-stars.

Ice Princess (G). Michelle Trachtenberg stars in this Disney family fare as an awkward ugly duckling whose dreams of blossoming into a figure skater are being smothered by an overbearing mom (Joan Cusack) only interested in turning the brainy teen into a Harvard-bound bookworm.

Melinda and Melinda (PG-13 for drug use and sexual themes). This bifurcated tale directed by Woody Allen presents two movies in one, a comedy and a drama spontaneously spun by playwrights sitting in a coffee shop. Radha Mitchell stars as the woman at the center of both stories, Will Ferrell as the self-psychoanalyzing Woody substitute, with Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chloe Sevigny, and Josh Brolin among the supporting cast.

Million Dollar Baby (PG-13 for violence, profanity, and adult themes). Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this fight film about an ex-boxer who, with the help of a wise, one-eyed janitor (Morgan Freeman), grudgingly trains a woman (Hilary Swank) who wants to be a contender. Landed Best Picture, Director, and a trio of acting Oscar nominations, one for each of the above thespians.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (PG-13 for sex-related humor). Sandra Bullock reprises her title role for more madcap exploits as tomboy FBI Agent Gracie Hart, back on the job to crack the case of the kidnapped beauty pageant-winner (Heather Burns) and emcee (William Shatner). With Treat Williams and Regina King, and cameos by Regis and Joy Philbin and Dolly Parton.

Off the Map (PG-13 for nudity and mature themes). Joan Allen, Sam Elliott, and Valentina de Angelis star in this dysfunctional family drama, set outside Taos, about the struggles encountered by a 12 year-old girl in dealing with her depressed father and nudist Earth mother while living on a farm without such basic modern conveniences as electricity and indoor plumbing.

The Pacifier (PG for violence, crude humor, and mild epithets). Vin Diesel plays Mr. Step-Mom in this kiddie comedy about a Navy Seal assigned to protect the five uncontrollable children of a government scientist assassinated while working on a top secret project.

The Ring Two (PG-13 for horror violence, disturbing images, adult themes, and profanity). Naomi Watts returns to reprise her role as Rachel the intrepid reporter covering the curious case of a videotape which kills anyone who watches it. Though the sequel takes places six months later, and the setting has been shifted from Seattle to the Oregon coast, the same sort of screamfest unfolds after another mysterious tape starts terrorizing the quiet community.

Robots (PG for mild epithets and suggestive humor). The filmmakers who brought us Ice Age fast-forward to the future for this computer generated animated adventure about the attempt of a diabolical corporation to frustrate the efforts of a boy genius (Ewan McGregor) to program all robots for good. Voicework includes Mel Brooks, Halle Berry, Robin Williams, Drew Carey, D. L. Hughley, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Coolidge, Carson Daly, Conan O'Brien, Amanda Bynes, Stanley Tucci, Jamie Kennedy, and Paul Giamatti.

The Sea Inside (PG-13 for mature themes). Javier Bardem stars in this real-life tale about Ramon Sampedro, a young sailor paralyzed from the neck down by a diving accident, who then waged a three-decade campaign for the right to die, while inspiring those around him to appreciate life fully. In Spanish, Catalan, and Galician.

Sideways (R for sex, expletives, and nudity). Mid-life crisis comedy with Paul Giamatti as an unpublished writer who embarks on an exploration of women and relationships in the California wine country with his old college roommate, a washed-up actor (Thomas Haden Church), who is going to be married in one week.

Sin City (Unrated). Mickey Rourke stars in this crime drama as a streetfighter who goes on a rampage on the seamy side of town in search for the murderer of a woman (Jaime King) with whom he had shared a one-night stand.

Walk on Water (Unrated). Espionage thriller, set in Berlin, about a homophobic Israeli spy on the trail of an 80 year-old Nazi who has second thoughts about assassinating the war criminal after befriending his gay grandson. (In German, Hebrew, and English with subtitles)

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