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Question of the Week:

"Princeton Borough Council has been discussing the possibility of officially naming the plaza located next to the Princeton Public Library. Do you think the plaza should be named after someone and do you have any suggestions?"

"There are many people who have come to Princeton with fame and money, who have buildings, streets, houses, and a square named after them. How special, and what an honor it would be, for Princetonions to have a plaza where they and visitors gather that is named for an ordinary man — Albert Hinds — who was born, educated, worked, lived, and died in Princeton."

Shirley Satterfield, Quarry Street

Andrew: "I would name it after [late Borough mayor] Barbara Sigmund. She was a part of this town for many years, and although there is already something dedicated to her, this would be more central." Leslie: "I agree completely. She was part of our life and this would be nice."

Andrew and Leslie Geller with Jonah, Princeton-Kingston Road

"I would not name this great place after an individual, but, rather an idea or ideal. There are too many choices of people to make a selection."

Alex Trent, Quarry Street

"I think it would be a good idea to name the square after a person, and Paul Robeson comes to mind. He grew up here, and I think that he was not treated very well while he was living here. He certainly was a famous citizen of Princeton."

John Lowrance, Autumn Hill Road

"I don't have strong feelings on the matter, but I think it would be a good thing to name it after Albert Hinds, who was a very important figure in town."

William Otis, Stonewall Circle

"I would definitely say Einstein. He symbolizes what is good about this town."

Bob Denby, Skillman