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HEALTHY EATING: "We enjoy talking with people about a healthy life-style and eating healthy food. We are passionate about it!" Robert and Lynn Semanchik, owners of The Fresh Fig Natural Market in Pennington, look forward to introducing more customers to organic and natural foods and products.

The Fresh Fig Natural Market Specializes in Organic Products

Fresh and tasty, free of chemicals, additives, and genetic modification — food the way it used to be eaten! This is what Lynn and Robert Semanchik, owners (with their daughter Ashley) of The Fresh Fig in Pennington, are offering customers at their new natural food market.

"With all the pollutants in the air as well as food additives, it is important to eliminate as much as possible. We have no preservatives, steroids, or food coloring in our food. These can all be harmful to your health," says Lynn Semanchik. "This is the healthiest way to eat and a simple way to eat. It's the way our grandparents ate."

SUCCESS STORY: "We have had 36 years of continued growth and success. We now have 11,000 active customers, and we look forward to continuing to serve them." Scott Needham, President (left) and Joe Needham, CEO, of Princeton Air, want to keep their customers comfortable.

Longtime Princeton Air Company Celebrates 36 Years in Business

Princeton Air has been keeping its customers warm and cool for 36 years. The dream of founder and CEO Joe Needham, the company, located in Princeton Windsor Industrial Park in Princeton Junction has become a full-fledged success, serving people in Princeton and beyond.

Back in 1971, Joe Needham was in the trucking business and ready for a change. "We did a lot of business with the Trane Company, and I realized that air conditioning would be a growth business," he explains.

He was right. "At that time, 35 to 40 percent of homes had central air conditioning; now it is 89 percent of homes," he reports.