"DO SOMETHING" CLUB SUPPORTS TROOPS: Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at John Witherspoon Middle School, with visiting Major Jim Riely (center rear), volunteered to send messages of support to soldiers currently serving in Iraq under the commands of three lieutenants from New Jersey. Some 60 individual care packages and three large boxes containing "a taste of home" were put together as part of the "Do Something" Club's community service effort.

Care Packages and Letters from JWMS Show Support for Soldiers in Iraq

Linda Arntzenius

The art room at John Witherspoon Middle School was taken over by members of the school's "Do Something" Club last week. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade volunteers mobilized in support of men and women soldiers serving in Iraq. After getting the word out across the school with posters and morning announcements, the students collected personal care items, snacks, magazines and CDs for mailing overseas.

Following $60K Grant, Princeton Looks to Rutgers Institute for Sustainability

Matthew Hersh

Princeton Borough and Township, here regarded as one community, were just one of eight communities in the state last year to receive financial recognition for taking steps toward sustainable development and better planning practices.

The Future of Princeton's Recreation Facilities Hinges on Vision, Implementation, and Dollars

Matthew Hersh

Princeton residents' needs, desires, and long-term goals for the joint municipal Princeton Recreation Department could, if successfully processed, fully establish a 15-year department master plan, as well as raise the possibility of new athletic, recreational, and social facilities.

Borough Shines a Light on Parking, but Lost Revenue Casts a Shadow

Matthew Hersh

Overall revenue for Princeton Borough's Spring Street Municipal Garage soared nearly 10 percent over original 2006 estimates, though lost revenue from the as-yet-built development on the adjacent Tulane Street parking lot, and monies lost from the unusable parking garage basement floor, continue to haunt Borough officials, who addressed Council last week in a parking update capping 2006 revenue.

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Barbara Maloney

Linda Arntzenius

Trotman, Koontz, Martindell Seeking Reelection as Democrats Gear Up for Endorsement Event

Matthew Hersh

The playing field is almost complete for Princeton Democrats: the incumbent candidacies for Princeton Borough Mayor and Council are set in place, and with the two incumbent Democrats on Princeton Township Committee announcing their reelection efforts weeks ago, 2007 could very well be shaping up to be a no-contest repeat of 2006.

How Dickens Came to Nassau Street: Micawber's Founding Owner Looks Back

Stuart Mitchner

Note: Those who share my feeling that Princeton will be losing a piece of its heart when Micawber Books closes may understand why I'm bypassing journalistic convention in referring to Logan Fox by his first name rather than as "Mr. Fox." For the better part of 26 years, Logan has been Logan to me, and I'm pretty sure longtime customers would find it no less difficult to speak or think of him as "Mr. Fox."

Reporting on the genesis of a store called Micawber, it's difficult to resist sounding the "something will turn up" theme Charles Dickens embodied in the forever optimistic Wilkins Micawber. While "something" never really turned up for that chronically improvident gentleman, it did, and more than once, for Logan Fox and Micawber Books. In fact, we might have lost this Nassau Street landmark 13 years ago if co-owner Margaret Griffin hadn't "turned up" just in time to save the store. As Logan put it, "We were barely hanging on, holding the creditors off with crosses and mirrors. Things were desperate."

Spectacle Theatre Presents High Fashion “Wizard of Oz” at New PHS Auditorium

Linda Arntzenius

“We’re pulling out all the stops for this,” said Princeton High School drama teacher Pat Wray about the student production of The Wizard of Oz, on stage next week in the Princeton Performing Arts Center. “The staging of this beloved family classic is intended as a big “thank you” to the Princeton Regional Schools community — the PTO, Princeton Education Foundation, and Board of Education.”

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