(Photo by George Vogel)

SOLO FLIGHT: Superman eat your heart out: Sean Carroll flies like a bird, like a plane, like a swimmer at Quarry Swim Club on a fine summer day in Hopewell Township.

Downtown Development Transfer Revisited

Matthew Hersh

After removing it from the meeting agenda two weeks ago, Princeton Borough Council was expected to reconsider a request Tuesday from the developer of the Borough's Downtown Redevelopment project to cordon off one of its buildings in a refinancing effort, even though portions of the project's first phase remain incomplete.

Arts Council Project Hits a Bump, or Is It a Pothole?

Stuart Mitchner

The expansion and renovation of the Arts Council of Princeton in progress at the corner of Paul Robeson Place and Witherspoon Street has hit a slight bump in the road on the way to its expected spring 2007 completion. How slight a bump this proves to be may depend on whether union or non-union electricians are subcontracted by general contractor E. Allen Reeves.

Orogeny, Subduction, Mouse Nares, Oh My! It's Quark Park 2006

Matthew Hersh

Passers-by observing what's going on down on Paul Robeson Place about halfway between Witherspoon and Chambers streets might rightly assume that the construction site atop of a vacant lot is soon to be home to luxury condos.