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Question of the Week:

“How accessible do you find the parking in Princeton and are you going to be affected by the closing of the Tulane Street parking lot? Asked at the Tulane Street lot.”


“It is difficult as it is, so to take even more spots from the public just doesn’t make sense.”

Jeff Lewin, Lawrencevelle

“It is always difficult finding parking, especially downtown. I normally park in the garage, and I was very happy to find a place here. Closing the lot will be a burden.”

Tyler Jacobs with Buster and Cricket, Princeton

“Parking in Princeton is pretty tough. I feel lucky to have found a spot here. It will be really awful when the lot is closed.”

Matt Sanford, Princeton


“Currently parking in Princeton is dismal, and it will get even worse for consumers and store owners when this lot is closed.”

Kevin Taylor, Princeton

“Parking in Princeton is pretty good. Compared to, say, London, it is excellent. However, closing this lot will be a real pain, because I always park here.”

Tony Davies with Elenor and Ralph, Princeton

“There is just not enough parking now, and it will be even worse when this lot is closed.”

Carol Boyle, Princeton


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