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A forum for Princeton residents to express opinions about local and national issues

Question of the Week: How should the Baseball Commissioner deal with Pete Rose since he admitted to gambling on baseball while managing the Cincinnati Reds?


"Baseball is supposed to be a clean game but we really know it isn't. They want to project a certain image to the public. They should take an unofficial position. Just leave the guy alone. I don't think they should make judgments about him. Does he warrant getting into the Hall of Fame based on his performance? It all depends. The group that puts people in the Hall has objectives. They want to present an image but I think he should be in if the quality of his play was outstanding. Martin Luther King was a wonderful man but he had skeletons in his closet. Our Presidents are great men but they all have skeletons as well. We could put him in the Hall with some fine print that says that Pete Rose was a wonderful baseball player but was a horrible human being."

Lincoln Crosley, Princeton University employee

"Pete Rose was always one of my favorite baseball players and I always wished he could be in the Hall of Fame. This was before his admission however, and now that he lied about baseball it kind of compromises the integrity of the game and I have some doubts. If he hadn't said anything at all I definitely would have wanted him in. He is the all-time hits leader and was a dynamic force for all the years that he played and he belongs there. This deals with integrity more than his skills so he probably should be in the Hall. It is kind of obvious that he admitted it this year in his book since it is his last year of regular eligibility and the writers and players on the veterans committee don't want him. I think that it is weird that he admitted it but I still like Pete Rose and he should be in the Hall even though its wrong to do what he did."

Becky Miller, Princeton University student

"He should ban him for life like he did. Integrity is very important. He is a role model and he is not acting like one. It's as simple as that."

Robert Chew, Nassau Street

"He should not be reinstated. He did not think about the integrity of the game and thought just about himself. He was very selfish and I don't think that's what the Hall of Fame is all about. He should keep him banned. That's what Giamatti originally thought he should do and he should continue what he believed. Pete will do anything now to get into the Hall and that's why he timed the book the way he did. I don't think that's what the commissioner wants or the players want. Keep him out."

Steven Smith, Canal Point Blvd


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