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Question of the Week:

"How did your spending this holiday season compare with spending of previous years?"

"I spent the same this year as I did the past year."

Eric Silva, Blue Spring Road

"As I am a senior learning how to money manage, I guess I spent significantly less. It may have a lot to do with lack of money but I told myself that I was preparing for the real world."

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Princeton University Student

"It was reduced by choice. We made a decision to have a simple family holiday and not over spend."

Kimberlee Phelan and family, Constitution Drive

"It was on a par but quantity was less and quality was enhanced so fewer gifts that were a little more expensive."

Cathleen O'Connell, Maple Street

"The holiday presents were almost zero this year so they were certainly lower than last year."

Jorge Quiroz (with Rana al-Hallaq), Spruce Street