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Question of the Week:

“With the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday, which of the nominees would you select for best motion picture, best actress in a leading role, and best actor in a leading role?”


“Best picture? Definitely No Country For Old Men — the Academy loves the Coen Brothers. For best actor and actress, I would choose Tommy Lee Jones and Ellen Page.”

Ben Barnum, Maryland

There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day Lewis, and Cate Blanchett.”

Mike Finkelstein with Susan Neilson, Princeton

There Will Be Blood, and Daniel Day Lewis — I don’t know about the actress!”

Hanna Engebretson, Franklin


Juno, Ellen Page, and Johnny Depp.”

Heidi Schoenberger, Princeton

There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day Lewis, and Julie Christie.”

Pat Feeley, with Roxanne, New York City

“Well, it’s not my choice of course, but I think Atonement will be awarded best picture, and then I think Julie Christie and Daniel Day Lewis will get the top honors.”

Ginny Mason, Princeton


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