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(Photo courtesy of Imagine Cup)

A WINNING TEAM: Princeton University students Andrew McConnon, Ben Eachus, Greg Marx and Jessica Inocencio placed second in Imagine Cup's international student film competition. The four received an all-expense paid trip to Brazil this summer for the competition's finals in Sao Paulo, along with a $4,000 prize check.
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Princeton Students Travel to Brazil, Place Second in Short Film Competition

Candace Braun

While many college students spend the summer living at home with their families and working at a summer job to save up some cash for school, others plan vacations with friends to places such as the shore, a theme park, or maybe even a hot and sunny island.

Princeton Senior Resource Center Comes to the Aid of a Mayor-in-Need

Matthew Hersh

When Township Mayor Phyllis Marchand emerged from foot surgery on July 27, she was placed in a situation that was completely foreign to her: she was immobile.

Princeton Writers Block, Near Completion, Hosted Chamber of Commerce Mixer

Matthew Hersh

With sunflowers and cornstalks shooting skyhigh on a classic dogday afternoon, the newly-completed Princeton Writers Block along Paul Robeson Place was the scene of a Princeton Chamber of Commerce networking gathering. Such an event, Writers Block organizers say, exemplifies the purpose of the outdoor garden.

Republican Candidate in the Township Vies for a More 'Participatory' Committee

Matthew Hersh

When Irene White moved here in 1983, Princeton was pretty much Republican. Committeeman William Cherry and Mayor Winthorp Pike edged out now-Committeeman Bernie Miller and candidate Eleanor Lewis, and the Township retained the Republican status quo.

Voter Registration Drive Scheduled In an Effort to Increase Turnout

Matthew Hersh

Steve Gordon, Youth Services coordinator for Princeton Human Services, said that with this being a "big" election year, voter awareness is paramount, especially among young people facing the first presidential election where they are eligible to vote.

Good Time Charley's in Kingston To Join a Steakhouse Chain

Candace Braun

Good Time Charley's, located on Route 27 in Kingston, will soon be turned over to Charlie Brown's Steakhouse, an area chain restaurant. While Charley's owner, Merrill Zinder, is unsure of the exact date that the restaurant's ownership will change, it is expected to happen within the next few weeks.

Borough Council Fills Staff Openings; Approves $1.27 Million in Projects

Candace Braun

Borough Council recently voted 4 to 2 to fill six of the eleven staff vacancies it now has. Councilmen Andrew Koontz and Roger Martindell were opposed to the decision.

Missions and Assignments: Back to School With Holden Caulfield

Stuart Mitchner

For American kids who are looking forward to or dreading the first day of school, the best-known and most widely read fictional teenager is probably the bespectacled Brit with magic powers and not the depressed, wise-cracking New York teenager who just got kicked out of school. Kids of all ages have taken to Harry Potter, but J.D. Salinger's failed student has been the alter ego for generations of readers and today Holden Caulfield stands beside Jay Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn as one of those characters who has become so much a part of our consciousness it seems almost unneccessary to mention the titles of the novels that gave them to us.

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