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Question of the Week:

"What are your views on the proposed immigration reform?"

"I support the general provisions of the McCain-Kennedy Bill which was incorporated, at least in its main points, in the Judiciary Committee's bill that was passed by the Senate last week."

Maria Juega, Chair, Latin American Legal Defense Fund, Grover Avenue

"I think it is very necessary to support the people who are here illegally, so that they can eventually become legal residents. It is important for the U.S. and the Hispanic countries to know who are in the country — who are supporting the economy of the country and who are not."

Maria Moreno, Billy Ellis Lane

"The proposed changes in the immigration law provides an opportunity for politicians to engage in demagoguery and pandering, which we are hearing a lot of. In the end, there will be a compromise, and the reason is that you cannot deport 11 million undocumented aliens. They are needed by our agricultural and industrial sectors. In the meantime, there is a lot of pain being inflicted by persons, including people in Princeton, who under threat of deportation lose their homes, their drivers' licenses, their jobs, their children, their spouses, their way of life. In some cases they have been here for 20 years. It's shameful and it is sad."

Roger Martindell, member, Princeton Borough Council, Prospect Avenue

"Frankly I am against the Sensenbrenner-King bill (the House version of the reform bill) because it separates families of immigrants with children who are born here. Also, it's not right to make criminals of people who use the services of undocumented persons."

FToshi Abe, Walnut Lane