(Photo by Sinead Kehoe)

LET THE BUILDING BEGIN: After donating some books of his own to the Book Levee on Firestone Plaza last week, Pulitzer-prize-winning poet and Princeton faculty member C.K. Williams said that the Katrina crisis had begun slipping "out of reality" because of an administration that gives "the absolute minimum of political attention" to the devastation while the people of New Orleans are asking, "Where is our city?" Two of Princeton University's other Pulitzer-prize-winning poets, Yusuf Komunyakaa and Paul Muldoon, were also on hand to support the student-led Katrina Project. See the story on page 7.

Corzine's Bed Tax Could Spell Problems for Medical Center

Matthew Hersh

A relatively small line item in Gov. Jon Corzine's budget address two weeks ago outlining an effort to capture increased matches in health care from the federal government has prompted health care officials throughout the state, including those from the Princeton HealthCare System, to envision a bleak picture of overly-taxed facilities with little chance of survival, which could prove disastrous to the state's suburban hospitals.

Schools Budget Coming; Cuts Discussed

Linda Arntzenius

Borough and Township taxpayers will soon be receiving details of the Princeton Regional Board of Education 2006-2007 Schools budget in the mail. The Board presented details of the $72 million budget Tuesday, March 28, in a public hearing held at the John Witherspoon Middle School. Voters will cast ballots on the single question budget on April 18.

Eight Degrees of Presentation as Firms Brainstorm Merwick

Matthew Hersh

Following an intense three-day session studying the nine-acre Bayard Lane tract that houses the Merwick Care Center, one thing is clear: improvement is needed and any new development should bridge surrounding neighborhoods.