Kam’s Capsules

Alice Through the Looking Glass (PG for fantasy action, scenes of peril, and mild epithets). Adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland finds Alice (Mia Wasikowska) traveling backwards in time in order to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) from losing his mind. Ensemble cast includes Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen, Rhys Ifans, and the late Alan Rickman.

The Angry Birds Movie (PG for action and rude humor). Animated adventure, inspired by the video game series of the same name, set on an island inhabited by a flock of flightless birds with anger management issues whose patience is tested by an overwhelming invasion of pigs. Voice cast includes Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Sean Penn, Keegan-Michael Key, Peter Dinklage, Hannibal Buress, and Bill Hader.

A Bigger Splash (R for profanity, graphic sexuality, nudity, and brief drug use). Thriller, loosely based on La Piscine (1969), about a rock icon (Tilda Swinton) whose vacation with her boyfriend (Matthias Schoenaerts) on a remote Italian island is disrupted by the arrival of an old friend (Ralph Fiennes) with his daughter (Dakota Johnson). Featuring Lily McMenamy, Aurore Clement, and Elena Bucci.

Captain America: Civil War (PG-13 for extended sequences of violence, action, and mayhem). Thirteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series finds the Avengers split into two adversarial factions: freedom lovers led by Captain America (Chris Evans), and a pro-government camp led by Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.). With Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Paul Rudd.

Central Intelligence (PG-13 for violence, sexuality, nudity, crude humor, and brief profanity). Comedy about an accountant (Kevin Hart) who is lured into the world of international espionage by a childhood friend-turned-crack CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson). With Amy Ryan, Danielle Nicolet, and Aaron Paul.

The Conjuring 2 (R for violence and terror). Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as investigators of paranormal activity in this suspense thriller, set in London, where the couple comes to the assistance of a family whose house is haunted by evil spirits. With Frances O’Connor, Lauren Esposito, and Franka Potente.

Eye in the Sky (R for profanity and violent images). Drama about a military commander (Helen Mirren) based in Great Britain who finds herself facing an ethical question when she is informed by a pilot (Aaron Paul) that a 9-year-old girl (Aisha Takow) has just entered the kill zone of a targeted terrorist cell. Cast includes Alan Rickman, Barkhad Abdi, and Phoebe Fox.

Finding Dory (PG for mild mature themes). Ellen DeGeneres plays the title role in this animated sequel to Finding Nemo when the forgetful fish embarks on an epic journey to find her long-lost family. Voice cast includes Albert Brooks, Idris Elba, Kate McKinnon, Albert Brooks, Bill Hader, Ed O’Neill, Eugene Levy, and Diane Keaton.

Free State of Jones (R for brutal battle scenes and disturbing images). Civil War movie about a white Mississippian (Matthew McConaughey) who leads fellow farmers and former slaves in an uprising against the Confederacy. Supporting cast includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keri Russell, and Mahershala Ali.

Genius (PG-13 for mature themes and suggestive content). Biopic chronicling the career of Max Perkins (Colin Firth), the legendary editor at Scribner’s who discovered literary giants Ernest Hemingway (Dominic West), F. Scott Fitzgerald (Guy Pearce) and Thomas Wolfe (Jude Law). Supporting cast includes Nicole Kidman, Laura Linney, and Vanessa Kirby.

Independence Day: Resurgence (PG-13 for action, violence, destruction, and profanity). Science fiction sequel, set two decades after the events of the original, finds humanity bracing for an invasion by a fleet of hostile alien forces. Ensemble cast includes Maika Monroe, Joey King, Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth, Vivica A. Fox, and Bill Pullman.

The Jungle Book (PG for scenes of peril and scary action). Remake of the Disney animated classic about an orphan (Neel Sethi) raised in the forest by a panther (Ben Kingsley), a bear (Bill Murray), and two wolves (Lupita Nyong’o and Giancarlo Esposito). Cast includes Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson, Christopher Walken, and the late Garry Shandling.

The Lobster (R for sexuality and some violence). Science fiction movie set in a dystopia where single adults are forced to find a romantic partner in 45 days or be turned into the animal of their choice. Co-starring Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, and John C. Reilly. In English and French with subtitles.

Love & Friendship (PG for mature themes). Adaptation of Lady Susan, the Jane Austen novella about a beautiful widow’s (Kate Beckinsale) search for husbands for herself and her daughter (Morfydd Clark) while living on the estate of her in-laws. With Chloe Sevigny, Xavier Samuel, and Stephen Fry.

Maggie’s Plan (R for profanity and sexuality). Greta Gerwig plays the title character in this romantic comedy about a woman who has second thoughts about having a baby with a married professor (Ethan Hawke) three years after stealing him from his wife (Julianne Moore). Support cast includes Travis Fimmel, Bill Hader, and Maya Rudolph.

The Man Who Knew Infinity (PG-13 for smoking and mature themes). Adaptation of the best-seller of the same name about a promising math prodigy (Dev Patel) brought to Cambridge University from the slums of India by a professor (Jeremy Irons) who recognized the boy’s genius. Cast includes Toby Jones, Stephen Fry, and Jeremy Northam. In Tamil and English with subtitles.

Me Before You (PG-13 for suggestive material and mature themes). Adaptation of Jojo Moyes’ romance novel about the love which blossoms between a small town nurse (Emilia Clarke) and a wealthy gentleman (Sam Claflin) left paralyzed and depressed by a recent motorcycle accident. Supporting cast includes Vanessa Kirby, Charles Dance, and Jenna Coleman.

The Meddler (PG-13 for brief drug use). Romance drama about a grieving widow (Susan Sarandon) who moves from New Jersey to Los Angeles to be near her daughter (Rose Byrne), and unexpectedly finds romance with a retired cop (J.K. Simmons). With Cecily Strong, Jason Ritter, Lucy Punch, Casey Wilson, and Jerrod Carmichael.

Now You See Me 2 (PG-13 for violence and some profanity). The sequel finds the Four Horsemen (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Lizzy Caplan) reuniting for another adventure in order to clear their names while exposing the unethical practices of a young tech magnate (Daniel Radcliffe). Ensemble cast includes Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Sanaa Lathan, and Mark Ruffalo.

The Shallows (PG-13 for bloody images, intense scenes of peril, and brief profanity). Story of survival about a professional surfer’s (Blake Lively) struggle to reach the beach safely after being stalked by a great white shark 200 yards offshore. With Oscar Jaenada, Brett Cullen, and Sedona Legge.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (PG-13 for violence). Live action adaptation of the video game of the same name finds the crime fighting quartet (Pete Ploszek, Noel Fisher, Alan Ritchson, and Jeremy Howard) battling their nemesis, Shredder (Brian Tee), who has joined forces with a diabolical mad scientist (Tyler Perry). With Megan Fox, Laura Linney, Will Arnett, and Brad Garrett.

X-Men: Apocalypse (PG-13 for violence, action, destruction, suggestive images, and brief profanity). Ninth movie in the series based on the Marvel Comics series finds Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) and Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) recruiting a team of young X-Men to prevent a seemingly immortal and invincible mutant (Oscar Isaac) from triggering an extinction-level event. With Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, and Rose Byrne.

Warcraft (PG-13 for intense violence). Fantasy adventure, inspired by the video game series of the same name, about an epic showdown between the peaceful inhabitants of an idyllic realm and a race of warlike invaders from a dying world facing extinction. Starring Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, and Dominic Cooper.

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